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About Kingdom

Kingdom Security is a licensed provider of Security services in Singapore. Our team is comprised of highly trained personnel with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the security field.

We believe in providing professional and cost-effective security services that are reliable, ready, and responsive to your needs.



round-the-clock security coverage


holistic Site & Incident Management


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Our Security Services

Guards & Manpower

Our security officers are well trained and are accredited by SSG-WSG to perform their duties vigilantly. They are backed by an efficient and committed Operations Team, which maintains 24-hour supervision on all assignments.


 Working closely together with our premier security technology partners, our security technology management solutions ensure that your assets remain secured around the clock with a higher degree of technological reliability and control.


Our customised security packages are tailored to your organisation, and we ensure that all our security personnel are trained to high standards to carry out their duties professionally and foster a safe working environment for every stakeholder.


We develop and implement specialised and cost-effective security-programs that assist you in achieving your corporate goals and guarantees prompt responses to all your security needs. We remain committed to understanding all your needs.


Our Mission

At Kingdom Security, we aim to provide a security team that is ready, reliable, and responsive to support our clients and ensure the prolonged safety and security of Singapore.

Customised Security Packages

Your security needs are one-of-a-kind, and no off-the-shelf security package will ever outperform a customised package tailored to your organisation and its intricacies.

Continuous Skills Upgrading

At Kingdom, we adopt a corporate culture that rewards good work and we offer many avenues for career progression, lifelong learning, and continuous training.

Fair Employment Practices

We are against discriminatory-hiring practices. We employ older workers in line with MOM’s initiatives, and offer avenues for skills upgrading to bridge any skills gap.


Professionalism & Safety Culture

In line with Kingdom’s culture of continued professionalism, our officers carry out their duties professionally and ethically with a keen sense of safety and security.

Ready, Reliable & Responsive Security

An effective and efficient security team has to be ready, reliable, and responsive to tackle any security risks, threats and challenges that may arise on any given time, which puts the security plan to the test.

We set high standards for our security officers and operations team in line with our corporate to mission to provide a professional security service that is second-to-none. Have what it takes?

Security that’s Driven by Our Values


We practise the highest ethical principles & commit to open communication with our employees, vendors & customers.


We are customer-centric and are always committed to do what we say.


We are passionate about working together with our clients, vendors and employees to provide second-to-none security services and resolve problems in a timely manner.


We are considerate, courteous & attentive to our employees, vendors, and clients.


We accept & hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We commit to cultivate a good safety culture in the workplace.


We set demanding standards for the team & encourage new and innovative ideas to present to our customers and vendors.

This Is What We Do.

Our esteemed clients come from a multitude of industries, each client with their own unique set of security challenges. Our current portfolio includes the following sector-types:

Commercial Buildings / Malls

Our commercial-based portfolio includes retail buildings, shopping malls and office buildings in Singapore.

Industrial Buildings

We manage the security affairs of several industrial and warehouse buildings across Singapore with proactive vigilance.


A staple of professional security, condominiums are an area of expertise for Kingdom Security.

Schools & Education Institutions

We take pride in securing the future of our country by providing our children a safe and secure learning environment.

Nursing Homes & Hospices

A niche area of focus for our company, our Security solutions ensure full protection & monitoring for all your care facilities.

Events Security

Have an event to take care of? Expecting VIPs and VVIPs? We can take care of all your security planning & manpower needs.