Latest Global Terrorism Trends as of 3rd April 2020

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Welcome to this e-Learning course on Latest Global Terrorism Trends as of 13th May 2019!

The Objective(s) of this e-Learning course are:

  • To serve as a continuous refresher for Kingdom personnel on key terrorism-related security issues
  • To familiarise Kingdom personnel with contemporary terrorism threats and trends in the region, and their relevant security implications
  • To emphasise and reinforce the main learning values and “lessons learnt” from each terrorism-related incident to all personnel
  • To inculcate vigilance and alertness within all Kingdom personnel via discussing “best practices” and “applications to site”
  • To test and assess Kingdom personnel on their knowledge and understanding of the above points
  • To take corrective action by introducing training intervention for failures, reinforcing the weakness areas of security personnel


At the end of this course, you will be awarded a Recent Trends Completionist Badge! You may also complete this course every 1 week to refresh your knowledge and to keep yourself updated with the latest terrorism trends in the region, and earn more badges upon every completion.

Recent Trends Completionist Badge

Complete all Lessons and pass the Final Quiz of “Latest Global Terrorism Trends.” You may repeat this as many times as you wish.


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