Aggressive Behaviour Course (ABC)

2 students

Welcome to this e-Learning course on Aggressive Behaviour!


The Objective(s) of this e-Learning course are:

  • To inculcate and reinforce the main tenets of WSQ’s Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behaviour in real-life scenarios
  • To familiarise Kingdom personnel with the relevant security procedures to follow when dealing with such behaviours/situations
  • To emphasise the main learning values and “lessons learnt” from past related incidents to all personnel
  • To serve as a continuous refresher for Kingdom personnel to keep in mind the standards of performance expected from them
  • To test and assess Kingdom personnel on their knowledge and understanding of the above points
  • To take corrective action by introducing training intervention for failures, reinforcing the weakness areas of security personnel


At the end of this course, you will be awarded a Aggressive Behaviour Course (ABC) Badge!

Aggressive Behaviour Course (ABC) Badge

Complete all Lessons and pass the Final Quiz of “Aggressive Behaviour Course (ABC)”



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