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At Kingdom Security, we promote a culture of continued professionalism, where all our officers carry out their duties professionally and ethically with a keen sense of safety and security.

Security Officer (SO) / Senior Security Officer (SSO)
Full-Time / Part-Time
We are looking for capable, reliable, and motivated individuals to join our ranks for the position of SO / SSO in Singapore.

Fair Employment Practices

We are against discriminatory-hiring practices. We employ older workers in line with MOM’s initiatives, and offer avenues for skills upgrading to bridge any skills gap.


Continuous Skills Upgrading

In line with Kingdom’s culture of continued professionalism, our officers carry out their duties professionally and ethically with a keen sense of safety and security.

Who We Look For

We set high standards for our security officers and operations team in line with our corporate mission to provide professional security services that are second-to-none. Have what it takes?

We’re Looking For Individuals Who Are

  • Team-players who can work well in teams and contribute to a common objective in fulfillment of a greater, shared vision.
  • Motivated individuals who are personable and customer-centric. You should be able meet demanding standards set for the team and are expected to give your best performance & focus.
  • Capable of exemplifying a high degree of Professionalism in their conduct, and who always carry out their duties & responsibilities professionally, safely, and securely.
  • Committed to exemplifying the highest standards of integrity, ethics, transparency, and accountability for their actions.


How do I apply for a job with Kingdom Security?

You may contact us at +65 9712 3500, or appy online here on our website. A face to face interview will be arranged where relevant.

I am interested in a position that is not listed here.

Please write in to us with your resume. You can send an email to and we will review your application.

Are there any fees to pay when applying for a job?

No fees are required.

What if I am not computer-savvy?

It is important for you to remain receptive to training so that we can guide you through for on-line training sessions. You will need to use your smartphone to clock in & out of your daily reporting at work.

What will my career progression be like at Kingdom?

If and when availability arises for progression to the next level; on condition you have completed all the necessary core modules and show proactive efforts at work, there will be progress possibilities.

What if I don't like my posting/assignment given to me?

Please provide valid reasons to your manager, and if availability permits, you may be re-deployed.

I don't have a security licence/experience/training.

Please apply for your security license first.  Experience & training can be provided on the job!